About 'tvmatchen'

tvmatchen for Nokia

tvmatchen is a sports-only TV listing application targeted for TV channels available in Sweden. The content is fetched from the popular web site http://tvmatchen.nu.

Videos/Screen shots
The screen shots below is from version 2.0.0 (Symbian^3) which is available at Ovi store.

The following video shows version 2.1.0, the Harmttan-MeeGo (Nokia N9) port which uses Qt-components:

Implementation details
Unfortunately, the source code is not released under an open source license. This is due to an agreement with the content provider. This might change in the future, at least for some parts of the code that isn't related to the content from tvmatchen.nu.

The following modules are utilized:
  • QtCore
  • QtGui
  • QtDeclarative
  • QtNetwork